Mini Brochures


Our other brochure distribution option is Mini Brochures. There are over 105 high traffic locations island-wide, which makes this a low cost, high impact means of advertising.

Other Benefits:

  • We get into locations where the large brochure stands are not allowed because of the small size of the stands.
  • We have tablets in some locations - your information is displayed digitally. 
  • Your mini brochure is visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Your mini brochure is small and portable and your customers can easily carry it around in a wallet or a pocket.
  • Your mini brochures are well stocked as approximately 100 fit per slot.
  • We do all the legwork – full colour printing, distribution and monitoring of stocks.
  • When the stocks are getting low we contact you to make any artwork changes and to re-print.
  • Mini brochures are much cheaper to print than large brochures.
  • Your slot in the box is always yours..
  • We store your mini brochures in our fully insured warehouse.

We recommend including a special offer to track redemption. We also recommend including a map showing your location.


Monthly Fee: BBD $150.00 plus VAT = $176.25. This is billed in This is billed in 3 month or 6 month periods. 

South Coast only/West Coast only distribution: Monthly Fee: $100.00 plus VAT = $117.50.

We can offer the printing of full colour (2 panel/1 fold - Open Size: 4” X 3.5”/Folded Size: 2” X 3.5”) mini brochures for $0.10 plus VAT.

Alternatively, some clients use cards printed by Miller Publishing that they order along with their advertisement in Barbados In A Nutshell.


Monthly Fee: BBD $199.00 plus VAT = $233.82. This is billed in 3 month periods - annual contract.

We handle the printing for you and we print 7,000 mini brochures every six months. You can either provide the artwork or we can have it done for you at a nominal fee. 

We recommend including a special offer to monitor redemption.


2 Panel/1 Fold Flyer:

Open Size: 4” X 3.5” (add 1/8” bleed all around for images running to the edge).

Folded Size: 2” X 3.5”.

Colours: Four-colour process on both sides.

File Preparation: Any high quality jpeg or eps file with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Any image not bleeding off the flyer should fall at least 1/8” inside of the trim or fold. Please indicate the front and back of the flyer for correct folding.

If you would like to advertise with us please email or call 435-4126.


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