Request a Stand/Spinner/Tablet

To request one of our stands, spinners or tablets for your location (free of charge), please email us at

The stand or spinner will be visited on a regular basis by our delivery team at no cost to you.

We need to encourage visitors to spend more on tours, cruises, shopping and attractions, and stands, spinners and tablets are an integral part of exposing them to what Barbados has to offer.

Ralph Taylor (Soco Hotel) said that Caribbean countries are among the worst performers in relieving visitors of cash legitimately through opportunities to purchase additional goods and services when they are amongst us. Other countries are much, much better at it, he said, and we are losing out on revenue as a result.

We couldn't agree more and would like to encourage you to place one or more brochure stands on your premises.

The larger brochure stands are 34” wide, 59” high and 21" deep. If the stand is too big we can provide a spinner that is 21" wide, 21" deep and 73" high. They are provided free of charge, and are extremely popular with visitors, as they contain an excellent selection of things to do while in Barbados.

The regular mini brochure stand is 15” wide, 13" high and 12” deep, and its small size means that it is easily accommodated. It can go on a desk, on a wall or on legs. We also have a smaller design that is 15” wide, 9" high and 7” deep, or a wall mounted stand that is 17.5" wide, 25" high and 1.25" deep. They are provided free of charge.

The tablet come in a specially designed tablet enclosure and it digitally features the businesses that advertise in the brochure stands and lots more. There is no  charge for the tablet, but access to WIFI and an electrical outlet is required.

We look forward to serving you soon!


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