Code of Ethics


The code is a set of policies to ensure that we conduct our business in an ethical manner at all levels.


To provide the best service to our customers and to strive for excellence.


The Display Group strives to provide the best customer service and maintains the highest level of integrity in business, while innovating and evolving into new fields. 


  • To be passionate about what we do and to get better every day.
  • To consistently provide exceptional customer service.
  • To conduct our business in an ethical manner and to be held accountable.
  • To be a good place to work; to support and have consideration for fellow workmates; and to enhance the lives of everyone who works here.
  • To contribute to our community and to have consideration for our environment.


Directors/Shareholders: They must conduct themselves in an ethical manner when acting on behalf of the company.

Customers: The directors and employees must provide the best possible customer service and offer the best value for money for our items and services.

Employees: The directors and employees must have consideration for one another and the employees must be honest and ethical when conducting business on behalf of the company.

Environment: The directors and employees must strive to reduce our impact on the environment and uphold our environmental guidelines.


The Ethics Committee exists to ensure high standards of ethical management and to promote a culture of responsibility, accountability and ethical behaviour. It aims to ensure the well-being of those involved and to safeguard the standards and reputation of The Display Group Inc. The Ethics Committee serves principally as an adviser to the Board on setting policy, resolving issues and monitoring the business ethics programme.


Customer Service

We must always give our customers excellent service. 


We must never steal money or inventory from the company and must be honest and trustworthy at all times.


We must never shortchange the company in terms of productivity and hours worked. 

Follow Accurate Invoicing Procedures

We must always invoice customers accurately.

Quality Products and Services

We must always provide quality products and services to our customers.

Computer & Data Security 

We must always protect the data that is the property of the company and never use it for our personal gain, or the gain of any other person or business.

Confidential Information – Employees and Customers

We must always protect the confidential information of our employees (e.g. personnel and medical information) and customers (e.g. credit card information).

Equal Opportunity & Non-Discrimination

We must hire and promote regardless of colour, creed, age, disability, gender, nationality, marital status or sexual orientation.

Sexual Harassment, Verbal Harassment & Violence

We must never exhibit unacceptable conduct like insults, threats, intimidation, profanity, ridicule, vulgarity, physical and verbal abuse, sexually explicit conversation or behaviour, gossip, slurs and unwelcome sexual advances.

Safe Workplace

We must provide a safe environment and provide the necessary tools and equipment to keep staff members safe when working at The Display Group. 

Maintaining Accurate Books & Records and Report Results with Integrity

We must maintain accurate financial information at all times and report it as such to the relevant parties.

Laws & Regulations of Barbados

We must uphold the laws of Barbados and be honest when paying taxes to the Government of Barbados.

Environmental Protection

We must always strive to protect the environment by following our environmental guidelines, and by keeping up to date with new practices and technologies.

Gifts & Gratuities

We must never accept a gift or a gratuity from a supplier or potential supplier, with the exception of samples, Christmas gifts or a dinner/luncheon.   

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