Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend Cot Printery. However, we have no affiliation with any particular printery and you are free to print your brochures wherever you like.

If you are printing a single panel brochure (i.e. a brochure without a fold) the paper should be at least 170 gsm. If the paper is thinner the brochures will flop due to gravity and humidity and a lot of them will be wasted. Therefore it will be better to pay a bit more at first to save money in the long run.  

Please keep in mind that the top three inches of the brochure are what is visible, so this is the most important area to focus on with a strong sales message, so that the brochure will capture the attention of persons looking at the stand. It is a good idea to place the sales message at the top on both sides of the brochure in case someone puts it back into the stand back to front.

A 9” high by 4” wide brochure is what we need to fit in our slots. Wider brochures will be charged more (depending on the width) and can only be accommodated in certain rows that do not have dividers.

Ideally we would like 3,000 brochures to start since we have close to 80 stands. However, we will get started with whatever quantity you can give us.

On average we distribute between 6,000 and 10,000 brochures per year per customer.

We can either pick up your brochures or you can deliver them to us. If you are getting a large quantity printed you can ask the printery to deliver directly to us, which speeds things up.

If you have more than one brochure we will give you a 5% discount. 

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